Live Clipboard in Windows Live Writer

I posted this and the previous entry with the recently released Windows Live Writer.  It’s a great product – simple, targeted, functional and scenario based, without being cumbersome.

Lots of people have already written favorable things about Writer, as you can see by looking at this TechMeme snapshot.  The basic content creation and editing features already have been covered extensively, but what I’m really excited about is the content source plugin SDK, to which Michael Arrington alluded and which was mentioned here.

A short time ago J.J. Allaire, Joe Cheng and Bonnie Plottner of the Writer team met with us to talk about  possibly adding support for Live Clipboard in the Writer plugin model.  I’m thrilled to see that they were able to deliver on this in time for the Beta release.  The documentation that is installed with the SDK explains how easy it is to register a handler for a specific content type of Live Clipboard data (for more about these content types, see the Live Clipboard spec).  

Once such a plugin is installed, it is invoked whenever Live Clipboard content of its registered type is pasted into the application, which it can then format for inclusion in the blog post.  For example, a plugin could register for location data in hCard or vCard formats and nicely format the pasted data along with a map in the post.  A more advanced plugin might take advantage of the sidebar integration to provide editing of the pasted data before publishing.

I plan on posting a walk-through of building a Live Clipboard content source plugin in the near future.  I can’t wait to see what kind of cool plugins involving Live Clipboard and microformats the development community comes up with.


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